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it all started from the dream of antonio angelino (ceo of beauty price®)

for over 12 years

Makeup-artist Committed to the realization of his mission "Offering high quality products at an accessible price to all". Every day he puts in hard work, commitment, dedication and love for his 3 projects...
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Project #1

makeup outlet

Sale of products from the most well-known brands in the world with prices discounted up to 80% from the list price. We succeed in this undertaking because the products sold come from failing stocks, end of production or with very small packaging defects , but obviously all new and usable products with the Beauty Price® quality guarantee that has distinguished us for more than 12 years . Designer products are always in limited availability and the available items may vary every day , it is possible to find these products in our physical stores or online through our famous Mystery Boxes .

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Project #2

Brand luxury

Facegam Cosmetics® is the Made in Italy brand of cosmetic products designed entirely, from the aesthetic part to the formulation , by Antonio Angelino with the aim of offering maximum performance using only the highest quality ingredients aiming to surpass the performance and quality of the brands most luxurious on the market, but offering an average price accessible to anyone . To succeed in his aim, Antonio decided to use all the funds for the development of very high quality formulas , to the detriment of marketing and expensive advertising campaigns , adopting the philosophy of "The best advertising is the quality and effectiveness of a product" . On the other hand, would you prefer to pay for a product for the marketing behind it or just for its quality and effectiveness ?

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Project #3

Low-Cost Brand

Beauty Price Cosmetics® is the Made in Italy brand of cosmetic products designed entirely, from the aesthetic part to the formulation , by Antonio Angelino with the aim of offering a quality equal to commercial brands on the market but with a price never seen before of 2.99 € , to succeed in his aim Antonio decided to reduce marketing expenses to a minimum, minimize packaging costs and reduce profits to a minimum, concentrating everything on the development of the formula and mass sales , thus creating a brand with the quality of Made in Italy but accessible to literally Anyone!

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Absolutely yes , they are sold with a reduced price that can reach up to 80% because they are products that come from failed stocks, end of collection or with small packaging defects , but obviously new and usable. We have 12 years of experience in the sector which allows us to offer our customers only the highest quality products.

The courier we rely on most is GLS which is the courier that offers a better service in terms of quality/price ratio, but when it is convenient, in some areas, we also opt for other couriers, but only exclusively when it is the alternative that guarantees a service better for the customer .

The price for shipping to Italy is unique and fixed at €6.99 , free for those who order over €49 . while the price for international shipping is €14.99 , free for those who order over €69 .

Unfortunately not, because it is not provided for in the contract we have with our couriers .

To purchase the designer products we have on offer you can do so individually only at the physical store or online but only through our famous Mystery Boxes which guarantee you will receive products worth at least double the amount spent. If you have any preferences you can express them by writing them in the order notes , if it is within our possibilities we will always try to accommodate you .

As a payment provider we use exclusively PAYPAL and STRIPE which are the 2 safest payment circuits in the world and with which you can pay with any type of card , even a simple prepaid card and there is no need to carry out any type of registration .

Furthermore, on our shop it is also possible to pay in 3 installments with SCALAPAY .

Our shipping times are from 3 to 5 working days ( Saturdays and Sundays excluded ), this is because as tailor-made packages we need from 1 to 3 days (when there is a greater influx of orders) for packaging and 24/ 48 hours for courier delivery . In all cases, our shipments are all traceable and you will receive the tracking code as soon as the package is ready to leave via email or text message .

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Thanks to over 12 years of experience in the sector.